Sunday, August 13, 2006

Windows Live Writer

I've only been on this for about five minutes but this is looking very, very promising indeed.

Can't tell how everything works just yet so let's just play around.

First, let's see if we can make Windows Live Writer beta a working hot link. Looks like that may have worked. I was given the option "Open in New Window" but didn't select it. Will next time if the above doesn't work.

Insert picture? Why not.

*  *  *

Hmm...a panorama, which you can pretty much resize at will.I don't think Blogger would let you do that. Probably won't link to a larger view when you click on it, but neither would Blogger if memory serves.

You can also insert a map but I'm not going there tonight. Kid starts school tomorrow and all that...

So let's publish and see what happens.'s telling me the weblog doesn't support image publishing. Could be a format thing, though. The pano I was trying to publish was a tiff file which WLW shows as a png.

I'll try a standard jpg.

*  *  *

Nope. No go. Still telling me the weblog doesn't support image publishing, but we know that ain't right. Blogger does let you publish pictures.

So what gives?


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