Monday, January 09, 2006

Burn Nimitz in the Desert!

That was the plan anway. On the way out to West Texas we stopped in Del Rio and picked up a hundred dollars worth of fireworks for New Year's Eve, including a genuine made-in-China USS Nimitz. Unfortunately, Nature had other plans. For the whole four days we were out there the wind blew in what can only be described in apocalyptic Biblical terms. It blew in the morning and it blew at night. It blew left and it blew right. It never stopped blowing.

Did I mention that the wind -- the sere, unforgiving wind -- blew the entire time we were out there?

Well, it did.

So no fireworks. The adults understood -- Texas and Oklahoma were inundated with grass fires at the time -- but try explaining the lack of a sound and light show to eight pre-teens.

Even if you could mouth an excuse the wind would have blown your words away.


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