Saturday, December 17, 2005

D'Alamo: Christening a Camera

I thought it was a stupid idea when I had it. I even thought it was a stupid idea as I drove downtown and executed it. After all, we're talking photons and quantum mechanics here.

My thought was that I should christen the photovoltaic cells -- at least that's what I think they are -- of the CCD of my latest digital camera -- an Olympus E500 -- with an image that would somehow characterize (and mystically influence?) its future career as a consumer electronic product.

In other words, I wanted to set a...tone.

And when you live in San Antonio, there is one tone and one tone only -- the Alamo.

Alas, it was a fairly crappy day for pictures. Cold, dank and gloomy and late in the day by the time I got there, approx 4:15. So as a picture, it's not all that much. But the camera has indeed been duly christened. May it live up to its eventual subject matter.

The photo below, by the way, is of a Barred Owl, not a Bard Owl. I blame the faux pas on my wife's speech patterns, she blames my lack of hearing.

It was taken with a Panasonic DMC-FZ20.

Save for the Owl and the Alamo, all the other pictures here have been taken with a lowly Casio Z750. Both the Panasonic and Casio, I should probably add, were unconsciously christened by whatever was at hand at the time.


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